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Features of an all-electric polygonal bending center


The all-electric multilateral bending center is a new generation of fully automatic multilateral bending center. It is a product that the sheet metal manufacturing industry has entered into automatic production. The product not only greatly saves manpower, but also the bending speed is three times that of the CNC bending machine, reaching 0.3 S/time, full servo control closed-loop bus.

Features introduction
1. Fully automatic hemming, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
2. Bus control, which can be directly connected to the Internet of Things for remote control and grid-connected monitoring.
3. Special high-load lead screw and guide rail structure, imported bearing installation, high bearing capacity, high positioning accuracy and long service life.
4. Fully automatic automatic lubrication system, the whole machine is automatically centralized lubrication, maintenance-free.

5. Models above 2000 have upper and lower double servo rotation, automatic lowering structure, rapid lowering, adjustable pressure, and high rotation and positioning accuracy.